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andrewlandon – motion sickness lyrics


(by bright eyes)

there is nothing for which i am responsible.
just this baggage that i keep carrying on as if
i had someone.

ok, maybe there is a woman somewhere who’s still
thinking of me or a girl with coal black hair
who’s haunted in her dreams.
but what they’ve seen, well, it wasn’t me.
it was just some lie that they slept beside.
i kept this from them but i can’t keep this from you.

so will you look for me in that strange, bright place.
where the statues bloom in the park.
they don’t need no rain.

because how i ever got to you i have no idea.
it’s like some secret door, well it just appeared.
so, no matter what i do from now on with my time.
you will always stay here in my mind. i am
certain of this and i am not certain of anything.

so i want to get myself attached to something bolted down,
so that these winds of circ-mstance won’t keep blowing me around.
to when i land to when i leave there is enough time to sleep and sing.
i keep running when all i want is to lay motionless

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