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angel inn levi – “i can take you there” lyrics


tempo 104.20
key bb minor
stretch to 4:45

verse 1

she wants it all
i got what she’s asking for
i want her too
that is all i’m asking for
i can’t stand to wait
you can lead the way
shorty i’ll provide the music
get it popping in this place
i can’t let you get away
i cannot lose you
each and everyday because you take my breath away
i don’t have to think about it
it is clear that it’s you
you should leave with me
we can do what we do

chorus x2

i be so persistent for you
don’t you know i really want you
i will make a change for you
tell me what you want to do
“i can take you there.”
“i can take you there.”
“i can take you there.”
only if you really care

verse 2

let’s make some plans
she knows i’m the man
so roll with me
let us see what we can be
weekend treat on me
i got the money
if you like that shorty i’ll be right back
for you
just you
tell me what you’re in it for
if you request i’ll be waiting at your door
tell me that it’s true that i need to be with you
shorty i just need a clue
i just need a clue

chorus x2

verse 3

she’s got the right picture
my drink’s a nice mixture
now i can say how i feel inside
her other guy was fronting
call me
it’s really nothing
i’ll listen to what you say
twenty-four hours everyday
if your ex get mad it’s okay
shorty i’m here for you
you know i adore you and that’s what i’m going to do
nothing new
you should know that
i love you and i show that

chorus x2

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