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animosity – commoditism lyrics


what is the capacity of our lives
how much sh-t can we fit to satisfy the fetish
of material commodities
possessions, the ruler of happiness
i can’t resist the overindulgence in this sh-t
in order to truly understand our ridiculousness
i would have to been stripped
taken away from my ever-growing mountain of bits
it’s not just a disorder of the rich
it’s nearly american to be stuck in this ditch
even when the majority is living in the pits
at what f-cking point can we agree that we really have enough?
as the mountain forges upward, we suffocate in an abundant
heap of our own chattels
-ssets like a drug, to satisfy
sufficiency is a dream
the modern perception of adequacy is a f-cking disgust
desire is an infinite void with out borders that can never
fulfill the eternal l-st
if only we could see the boundaries
perhaps we would be able to draw the line to separate what
we truly need
self-gratification seems to come wrapped in plastic
with a price tag on it and every f-cking store seems to have it
we are told to soak it up
to keep a full cup
and this is considered a blessing
what the f-ck?

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