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animosity – empires lyrics


what the f-ck
petrified, frozen
i can’t believe it
i was wrong, but what the f-ck are they?
all 60 million of them
remove my blindfold of optimism so i can feel the ignorance
come alive
what is the appeal of deception and ignorance?
this is bigger than your front door, your gun.
i cry for the world, and every fallujah that will ever happen in
our future
to the rest of the world, just know that we are sorry and that
we care whether you live or die.
feels like i’m fighting against a brick wall and i can’t help
but feel like giving up
come on.wake up and see that there’s some other sh-t going on!
it goes far beyond and unfortunately i learn that in this war
i am just a p-wn.
there is no hope, seems like my only option is to not give a
f-ck and cope.
because when ignorance reigns, it really rains blood in the
rest of the world and at home we’re still all f-cked.
just take a look around, look at what we have done
just take a look around, look at what we have become
i can’t lie to myself i boil in disgust when confronted with
what’s real
and this time it was, but what about the rest of us, and those
whole will die all because.
so give in to the empire, let the bombs fly
i pledge allegiance to nothing
what is left to hope for?
when things continually get worse
and what is there to love, when i despise what i see happening
i can’t lie
to myselft i can’t love what i hate
i am sorry but you are failing me and you failed the entire
f-cking world
united they stand but divided we are
all spit on your name until the day that you f-cking fall.

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