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anterrabae – the filthy habits of ex. lovers lyrics

the excess that burns me the harmony that runs within me and i don’t tremble before god but with love this is the fine art of dissecting human hearts in spite of everything i’ll make you watch me we sleep in the presence of knives in a whisper we’re two of a kind beneath the perfect sky we kill to p-ss the time beneath a perfect sky two lovers two knives this time cupid’s gone for the jugular a real literal motherf-cker and what will we become what have we become watch me f-ck her watch me love her in spite of everything these are not the sort of things to calm the nerves still standing in the stairway staring back after everything i will love you as if it were always before on the outside above all the sweat of death even sh-t looks pure to me even she looks pure in the dead of night we roll swiftly to the right to the left like -ss-ssins killing with our teeth please come back to bed

- anterrabae lyrics

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