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apathy – no joke (feat. celph titled) lyrics

yo, i got a problem with the mic, so i solve it like a mayne
grab it by the neck and rock it as hard as i can
from nikes on my feet, to the mic that i freak
emcee will agree that i’m precise on the beef
f-ck fronting, shut down pacs like game over
consistanly light sh-t up like chain-smokers
flex and i melt down flesh like flamethrowers
fresh is the duky gold chain kain showed us
funny how your honey (???) came over
when you were aroute last night, coulda remained sober
you woke up in the morning with a bad hangover
i woke up, and bang a coocha til the day was over
it’s like that, (like what?), like this
m-th-rf-ckers try to dis get put on the hit list
punch punks like i’m futiless, yo catch the fist
when i be taking out emcees like dogs that need to p-ss
easily i apporch, the microphone because i ain’t no joke (joke)
[celph t-tled]
on a scale of one to ten, approximately i’m a thousand
stomp thru your neighorhood, city, or project housing
i am something that you never seen before
like your grandparents having s-x behind close doors
i rhyme like a scavanger that hunts for his prey
and prolly kill a dozen rappers and just call it a day
all i need is b-tch that’ll give me wet dreams
so i can get my rocks off like erosion in streams
i drop science like clumpsy professiors in auditoriums
and strech n-gg-s out like a m-th-rf-cking accordian
i make you look stupid like (???)
you can cruise in the greyhound and i’ll cruise in my jet
i’m impossible to beat like playing tic-tac-toe

celph t-tled is famous for spitting ill(???)flows
yo, me and apathy are like brothers since birth
you catch a bad one and get put under the earth

- apathy lyrics

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