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armani white – nyc window lyrics

[intro: armani]

spigot water tastes horrible in california… take me back …

[verse 1: armani]

well i… i wrote this in cold sweats, no.. i wrote this in old sweats.. no

i wrote this in gold text, in a book of sh-t you’ll forget, so/

i hope the page rip, so that way you never erase it/

saving it up in a pile to cover and color my smile and let the paint drip/

cuz, either way you’ll brush it off! even days we up in odds/

even nights we dusting sp-wns, from dusk and dawn to up in arms/

when i dust the crust you a rusted charm, scared to leave & squeezing tight/

so all we want is peace and fright and all we won is sleepless nights/

you paint that picture ‘perfect’ then curve with curse and revert the design/

i broke this verse in person, you took the perks and inverted the kind/

don’t wanna lose my mark but that food for thought, deserted my mind/

i hate that i cut all my personal time to be just a person in line! im thinking…/

maybe i’m calling too much, maybe you don’t answer enough/

maybe the cure is me and you but the cancer is us, maybe i../

maybe i baby you and i pamper too much/

so i took out the lighting and put it in writing as if that stamp could do much…

[hook: seraiah nicole & steve chandy]

staring out my new york city window (x8)

[verse 2: armani white]

well you, read this in my words, no. you read this in my shirt/

and first thought was cry first, bible, hold tight then sky search/

but read on.. drink and chaser.. look how you wrinkled the paper/

left the best condolence/ time escapes when you arrest the moment/

on and off like pre-teens… i’m getting too old for this/

i’m a different breed of a saint, 1 layer of paint, still makes the picture deep/

i hope that’s what you get from me, a grip on us or slip from me/

you learned from the best, i learned from ya ex, it still take a locksmith to get the key to my new york city window

[hook x8: seraiah nicole & steve chandy]
i’m staring out my new york city window

- armani white lyrics

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