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artch – batteries not included lyrics

batteries not included, but still the price is right.
full-sized, yours exclusive to play with day ‘n night.
high-speed vibration with full remote-control.
take it from a man who knows; this one’s got it all.

you’ll spin like a wheel
it’s a touch of real.
“bad-woman” lucille
you’ve got s-x-appeal.

well, here we have this specimen, a “creature of the night”.
you’ll cry in ecstasy until the morning-light.
hi-tech product with a life-time guarantee
you won’t regret it – just you wait and see.
you live in a world
of make believe.
where nothing is real
“bad-woman” (lucille)

there are no limits, we don’t play it by the rules.
everything’s permitted, nothing is taboo.
use your imagination – feel free
to expose your fantasy.
you’re trapped in your world of make-believe.
imaginary-world where nothing is real.
bad-woman lucille…
we’ve got what you need…
for your world of… make believe.

- artch lyrics

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