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artery – painkiller lyrics

once in the dark cellar
of my parents house
i was searching for the velvet box
full of inspirational muse

i found a picture of a woman
black and white and pretty old
it was hard to recognize the year
but not the questions in her eyes or her fears

miracles, euphoria past redemption
p-rnography, hysteria, lack of education
war, pathetic greed, stupidity and pain
leaders making money acting insane

there is no such thing as lasting forever
did forever ever exist
their greed f-cks us all together
their leagacy leaves everyone p-ssed

the girl from the picture
was she crying, or had she smiled?
timeless questions, eternal dreams
what is life for? then she screamed

you are my pain, you are my painkiller
you are my drug, you are my drugdealer

do you feel the need to talk
with dignity to walk
in this life to provoke
the ability to joke!

- artery lyrics

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