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assistant – i don’t believe lyrics


smeared and drenched with ignorance. it’s so tough to see
p-ssed. you go through things so fast. how long did you
think it’d last? it’s so simple when you think the world
revolves around your ego. i am a star. watch me play my
part. i know you’ll love me. just watch and you’ll love
me. i am my biggest fan. when i walk on stage, i’m the
coolest cat in town. i know you’re looking. i’ll smile
and make you feel alright. stop your show, your words
mean nothing. i used to believe you but now there’s
nothing more to what you say for the moment. you sold
emotion at half price. how many times can you say
goodbye, my friend? i can see through your lies now.
you’re in love with the p-ssion. you’re in love with the
attention. i don’t believe in angels. i don’t believe in
the stars. i don’t believe in you. i can see right
through you.

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