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autopsy – born undead lyrics


aftermath of the deathly plague
corpses once dormant now arise
wreckage in the world above
no one sane left alive
experiments in the ground below
hidden from the rotting land
depravity and swarming l-st
undead infatuation

unholy obsession with the living dead
maggot filled zombies in chains
vile procreation with flesh hungry cadavers
the breeding instinct deranged

fed on the meat of the weak and the old
stagnant blood now flowing free
the mating continues with psychotic abandon
creating a horrific breed
living in a dying womb
a nightmarish creature is sp-wned
born undead in a world gone mad
all hope for humanity gone


humans insane, horrors are bred
raised on decay, born undead

[leads – coralles/cutler]


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