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autopsy – hand of darkness lyrics


the eye of darknes is in my hand
seduced by terror, you’ll understand
my fingers probe your blackened mind
s-d-stic reaping of humankind

take my hand of darkness
it will lead you to the door
the casket lid is open
for salvation you’ll implore
appease my sickest wishes
be absorbed by night and death
the hand of darkness steals your dying breath
my very touch -ssures release from flesh

reaching out to the sick and insane
casting all to eternal pain
jagged scr-ping, talons red
rending life, a gift to the dead


feed the great beyond with fear
visions of torment grow cold and near
i sacrifice your blood and skin
you’re drawn into the tomb within
a thousand paths to darkest depths
are laid in bone and severed heads
screaming caverns devour your soul
a feast for oblivion to behold

[lead – coralles]


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