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b.the great – lyrical genius lyrics


[hook: the notorious b.i.g.]
lyrically i’m, untouchable, uncrushable
blunted in a 600, blunted in a 600
untouchable, uncrushable
blunted in a 600, blunted in a 600

[verse 1: b.the great]
i ain’t cutting slack, because lazy n-gg-s is wack
like an artist on they break, i draw back in
my pistol hit spines, i aim draw backs in
shoot a n-gg-, pitch black, pull up a black cadillac
a n-gg- b-mping the hard rock sh-t, look like a humpback
round two, my b-tches i hump back, you p-ss-es
really wanna fight back, i don’t think so
try to run, and hide, you ain’t keeping kinko
like i just came in with sauce, ooh
i came in like a boss, boo
this sh-t is only sh-t for five year old’s
these n-gg-s rap sound like they have a foot in they mouth
and they closing they noses, uhh
if a n-gg- rap to me, expect i get bored
wanna beach house with a truck, you my son
this sans ford, still spitting a later day
cut the beef, i slice the cow, with a razor blade
you my son, so like when the summer come
you still offspring, you jumping you don’t have to deal with me
b-tch, please, b-tches popping m&m’s in the hood
we call it life, unless we have to start selling packs
of weeds, cutting for new gr-ss and life
i makes lips blow, like accident lipo
wet from the wrist and clothes, i just water hoes
what i behold, cold flows, like arctic floor stores
go solo, cause as soon as i drop singles
i got a mormon posse bro, uh


[verse 2]
truth a truce and you daring to dare doubt
but you breathing in insecurities, no gun ain’t gonna air that out
left wrist want a ap, test my cl-ss, you ain’t ap
touch the game, like a p p and k!ll it, a s a p
my wave ain’t hard to see, you can read it in braille
read it, and tell, you’ll hear my verses in the scorches of h-ll
i wrote this and fell, i’m dumb when i spit
the saliva is real, here to k!ll locksmiths on both knees
i’m low key, so you inhale, so n-gg-s breath
seal there, b is just a master like a widow he at his peek
let these instrumentals sinking like the pool was 6 feet
reap what i sow, and hunt what i eat
i rest my case, like a sleeping lawyer
this my world, i made it, black tom sawyer
wicked as aleister, banish ya, i’m the goat
baphomet believer, fly as angel wings
but n-gg-s whine about they bread like the feast of jesus
say this a hard egg to crack, hoe this the yolk
who you fooling, i’m the ruler, i just happen
to measure my flow, when i do it
to do this, it ain’t much to do
i split the game in two, and n-gg-s act
like they have no care in the world
like a cl-ss had a subst-tute, dude
due to anger management, i have to make sure
when i spit i don’t go on murderous splurges
of slurs, and disbandment, so when i get to the point
and like bombs, get ticked off, then i better not
hear somebody say “what the f-ck do we do wrong?”


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