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b.k.p. – die alone lyrics


verse 01:
i roll over and go to reach for you, you’re gone
this heart’s empty without you
i said i’m moving on from you
but i’m having some trouble getting there
but dwelling ain’t getting me, ahh, anywhere
f-ckin christmas day
f-ck december, stuffed presents, guts everywhere
knife on the floor, i smashed up every mirror
yeah, how do i look?
you f-ckin just left me here to die didn’t you?
why didn’t you answer yet?
i’ve called you three or four different times and
i’m getting sick and tired of always thinkin of you
i didn’t do sh-t to deserve what you’ve put me through
this can’t be true, we can’t be over
so violets are blue, roses are red
why can’t i talk to any girl other than you?

saw two white coffins dreams last night
i saw my lord jesus with his hands pointing toward the light
saw my old sweetheart she said, ”honey, i’m back”
just so you don’t die alone, just do you don’t die alone

verse 02:
man i gotta deal with the fact that, you ain’t ever comin back
now every woman that i look at i’m lookin for you
so i’m findin somethin they have in common with you
excuse to not see anyone
useless, rather pick up the phone, try to call, followin you
i get bold so i make a call
grow b-lls and get scared, forgot what i have to say
dammit i’m drawin to you like a f-ckin fishing rod
i’m sick of catchin these feelins, i can’t handle this heartbreak
it makes me want to blow out my brains
and put a stop to it like a car brake
hang up the phone and i think i may have made a mistake
can’t escape this madness
turn my computer on, i write these sad songs
but i never stop but wonder
but i can’t even change my station
i wake in f-ckin shambles, i’m startin to tremble
i’m havin visions of us at each other’s wakes
in caskets and i suddenly wake to realize i know i


p-ss me one more, smoke for the pain
give me one more for the memories
give me one more, i’ll do it till i don’t wake
it’ll help alleviate
it’ll soothe this ache
of trying to fake
that’s she really, she’s really coming back

verse 03:
and it’s been a while now, but i finally realize how
much reality sucks, but there was something about our love
i’m still in denial now, dealin with the outcome of it
and it’s making me crazy thinkin of them days we, spent
and how i’ll never see you again
and there ain’t sh-t i can do about it
my head’s overcrowded
with these happy memories and i can’t seem to get them out
and how the f-ck do you sleep silently
knowin what the f-ck you did to me, huh?
did it even occur to you that i loved you?
completely, deep, and madly had love for you
bonnie and clyde, would k!ll anyone to be together forever
we was supposed to be the one, to be together forever
we was supposed to die together, and it’s k!llin me so much!
when i sleep i wish you were in my bed, that’s why i