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b.the great – revolution lyrics


this the revolution, i’m deuces
with some grey goose, i go ruthless
in the booth, and you clueless
f-ck about sauce, and f-ck about juices
i’m just never losing, 2 white b-tches, molly and susan
with loose choosing, i’m coming back, and you knew it
this is real rap, you should know, rap in my bones
got sk!ll a ton in this b-tch, corny
but i’m a awaiting for old heads to pray on me
like it’s the lord in this b-tch, ya’ll n-gg-s
slaving for ya chains that some field sh-t
i come back and n-gg-s act like
they don’t want me back, like a field trip
i’m basically ambidextrous, i’m writing with no patience
find ways to be bilingual, so you can speak my same language
i’m making minds take a spin, like a pinwheel i don’t conceal it, harder than steel, i feeding a starving village with my last meal, and reveal, an electric eel, cause i’m shocking the m-ss appeal
of the realist, but i think i’m the realist the ordeal of a k!ller
a surreal feeling of ideal spitting, that’ll knock lil boat
off the deck of his sh-t, till the mainsail slaps him so fast
that he spins in a frenzy and crashes into windshield
of an expensive benz, while the car light was dented
you know that i’m in it, you can’t repent it
i was born to make a bang not to get in danger gang
cause i’m tearing n-gg-s in pieces
my soul in me is deceitful, got no bonds with ya
no strong cancer, that i know sometimes risk full
this my whole system, my zodiac is my pistol
profits from false prophets, can take ya cord out ya socket
think about ya f-cking bullsh-t, and put a sock in, or on it
i’m smoking up on the chronic, i’m going supersonic
something’s wrong with my noggin, think my brain is a goner
i never respect, i’ll have mf for a starter tat
smoking on the artifact, whip and chain on neck
am i slave yet, i don’t think i am, let this be a lesson
to ya crackerjack -ss f-ggots, hoe you in neverland
sentimental, riddle and diddle, little niglet
yeah, i did it, all you n-gg-s still want to get it
and i’m making in minutes, the minute it made
running up in it, i’m feeling delay
like why the f-ck n-gg-s are looking to trade
the minute it’s laid, i wanna get paid

revolutionary, this is scary
bad b-tch, like halle barry, i’m feeling buried [x2]