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babii yeezii – be-bause lyrics


[verse: babii yeezii]
be-bause, thats blood gang
n-gg-s tryin hard to stay alive in the game
we wear crimson, thats blood red
i aim and shoot never missin ya head

we hit licks yea thats out job
shoot and k!ll, loyal to the mob
i’ll shoot you and your friends too
searchin’ for crips like blues clues

actin like you smart like dr. who
i got ride or dies
rods 1 and 2

i walk down the street lookin over my shoulda
makin’ sure a n-gg- ain’t trynna step over
cause ill k!ll a n-gg- real quick
uncautious at a hunnit clips

i rap for myself and my wealth
cause im a prodigy
these n-gg-s mad cause they can’t cuff me