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baby bonnie – bomb shelter blues flow lyrics


i wanna’ go home again
i miss home again
can’t wait to sleep alone again
get home & silence my phone again

empathy is the poor mans cocaine
so my ideas on the walls
no cobain
slow train home
couple grams & some more change
blood stains on my jeans, no codeine
bomb shelter blues
let it flow like a dope vein
f-ck around, you searched for like a domain
acid rain flood the alley
with my gold chain
gateway to h-ll
my brain fried from the whole thing

wheel disagree at a buck-forty
four deep, hardy on my bag hold a birdie
orange hairs pack resemblance of a corgi
time ain’t real
one second hold a story
this frame is limited, existence infinitive
if you see a star fallin’
make your wishes kid
’cause you might be there soon
i know sooner or later, they gotta’ see us bloom
it’s true, money blue
fit stay all black though
might switch it up, white forces with a black coat
backseat hoes sucking d-ck & doing mad c-ke
sorry mom ,you know i rub they backs
when they throwin’ up
hit the boards, cook, spit
& now they showing love
but night fall all alone so it’s not enough
bones feelin empty ’cause the times is tough
smoke enough
make you forget what it’s like to touch