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baby bonnie – tired lyrics


stay a good nine feet from reclusive
i’m in this white tee
oh, these coffee stains, they ain’t elusive
& it’s likely body pains in the morning
if you shopping for a problem
useless like a lost lighter
i’m blowing smoke in this unreleased hotfire
done broke the ghillie out the jar just to hog tie it
& burn it to a scar
oh, outkast with a drink & a cigar
cohiba with the cider by the liter at the mall
i’m in the middle squeezin’ on a tall can
writing these riddles down on the wrong hand
just plottin’ on her jaw like
i just bought my chaser a chaser
still waiting on that call from the fader
twisting’ gators in a paper, f-ck a savior
you know it’s likely you won’t see me later

i’m tired

loverboy was the alias
still givin’ out facelifts
tape around the shank
it was nothing less than makeshift
fairly odd arther when i slay sh-t
because i say sh-t with the hopes
of draining pain quick
so beat your feet if you can’t hang
’cause we droppin’ bombs
on the beats like it’s aphgan
tap dance over my issues and get my bag back
craving a couple fat blunts of that anthrax
and thats that
2am and we still cooking
we still booking spots
foreign socks on the rare footing
i’m tired bonnie
been the tortured artist with no money
who can stay caged in the lab from a friday to a monday
you could get it too
they gunna’ hate regardless
you jus can’t let em get to you