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band of horses – how to live lyrics


when i’m giving advice to others
i take more than i can give
it’s a birds eye view of what i want you to do
or how to live

and i really don’t have to suffer
i still do it anyway
i’m a diamond in the rough
or i’m a dirt clod in the clay

guess what
i lost my job
it’s just my luck

reveal you’ve always been the actor
and those puppy dog eyes
well one of y’alls tellin’ the truth
the other one is lying

and it’s someone else’s fault so often
you’re gettin’ rude, you’re gettin’ tall
it’s a great big world darlin’ your translation is just a little off.

so what,
you made a mistake
you try to hide the time
the time is life
gets a little bit larger everyday
and it grows till it’s out of control

i’ve been giving my advice to others
trying to tell them how to live
a little lying, a bit of truth
what i’d like for you to do
and how to give

and i really didn’t need to suffer
i still did it anyway
what a great big world
i better find some way to stay

guess what?
you’re gettin’ old
still gotta grow up.



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