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barbara & the browns – you belong to her lyrics


[verse 1]
you tell me that she don’t understand you
you tell me she don’t mean a thing to you
but we got to break it up
that’s the only answer
you know, you still belongs to her

[verse 2]
you tell me the only reason
you cannot leave her
is you have a son that think the whole world of his father
if you should leave, she will get him
now don’t you see that you belong to both of them

[verse 3]
go on, go on, let me alone in my sorrows
to ask forgiveness for the love that i borrow
you should go home and take a look around
i think you’ll see you almost lost what you found

[verse 4]
i bet she love you, more than the world
everything you told me
you say to any girl
she don’t understand you
well that’s not the reason
remember you still belong to her

[verse 5]
well we got to forget
let our love be forgotten
we got a long ways to go
’cause we’re right at the bottom
my forgetting you is the only answer
remember you still belongs to her