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barbra streisand feat. omar sharif – you are woman, i am man lyrics


nick: you are woman, i am man
you are smaller, so i can be taller than,
you are softer to the touch,
it’s a feeling i like feeling very much.
you are someone i’ve admired,
still, our friendship
leaves something to be desired.
does it take more explanation than this?
you are woman, i am man–
let’s kiss.
f-nny: isn’t this the height of nonchalance,
furnishing a bed in restaurants?
well, a bit of dinner never hurt,
but guess who is gonna be dessert?
do good girls do just what mama says,
when mama’s not around?
it’s a feeling,
oy vey, what a feeling.
nick: a bit of pate?
f-nny: i drink it all day!
should i do the things he’ll tell me to?
in this pickle what would sadie do?
in my soul i feel an inner lack,
just suppose he wants his dinner back?
just some dried-out toast in a sliver
on the top a… a little chopped liver.
how many girls become a sinner
while waiting for a roast beef dinner?
though most girls slip in ordinary ways
i got style–i do it bordelaise.
well at least you think i’m special–
you ordered à la carte.
it’s a feeling, i like feeling very…
i feel the feeling down to my toes
now i feel that there’s a fire here,
try that once a little higher, dear,
what a beast to ruin such a pearl!
would a convent take a jewish girl?
nick: does it take more explanation than this?
f-nny: ooo the thrills and chills going through me
if i stop him now,
can he sue me
nick: you are woman.
f-nny: you are man.
nick: let’s…