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batmobile – sex-rays lyrics


everytime i see you well i know that you see me
and the things you do and say make it reality
it’s obvious what you want it’s easy understood
and everytime when you are giving me a shot
i know i can’t resist it long it starts to boil my blood
i feel your s-x rays coming my way
i’m down on my knees and i’m starting to pray
it doesn’t matter if your man is sitting next to you
çause that stupid jerk don’t notice all the bad things that you do
but even when he starts to shout and sais that he found out
you just turn your back to him and ask me very stout
if i would like this and that and i like to scream out loud
we’re bopping on a party and we have a real good time
the night is long and hot and there’s plenty of good wine
and the only person that i see the only one is you
you make me feel so good and i’m an ape if that ain’t true
the things you do and the things you say