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batts – interlude lyrics


[spoken word audio samples]
voyager 1, like a sister sp-cecraft, voyager 2 carries a phonographic record called sounds of earth on the chance that intelligent beings might capture the sp-cecraft as they continue on their voyages through interstellar sp-ce

the 12-inch copper disc contained readings from earth’s people in 60 languages and samples of music from different cultures and eras, and natural sounds of surf, wind, and thunder; birds, whales, and other animals

during the voyagers’ decade-long mission they could explore as many as 15 major heavenly bodies. these include gigantic jupiter, ringed saturn, several moons of both planets, and possibly ur-n-s. the twin sp-cecraft will be making measurements and taking inclusive pictures, returning information to earth that could shed new light on the origin and early history of the solar system and our own planet earth