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beanie sigel – no glory lyrics


[verse 1]
i been seeing crack rock, since the age of thirteen
out the same crack spot to the same d-mn dope fiends
burnt up gl-ss and the c-ke screens
you know that balled up cash where that dough cream
hit the block before the birds start chirpin’
scope the set before i serve one person
in between cars, never out in the open
i don’t trust vans and i hate black suburbans
crack that i’m servin’, pure buck tour, n-gg-
uncut raw, n-gg-. i don’t f-ck with bake
i don’t never get stuck with weight
open shot, every smoker wit’ a straight, brush my gate
you ain’t makin’ no dough ’cause you stretchin’ your sh-t
f-ck tryin’ to make more, dog, i’m stressin’ to flip
keep smokers on them red caps, stressin’ to hit
dope fiends with they hair back, catchin’ they drip
i’m tryin’ to show you where the bread at. you catchin’ my drift?
but i see where your head at, you stressin’ to b-tch
give me that hot plate and pyrax pop
sh-t, i’ll show you how to fire that rock, supply that block
pee pop set up shop, wit’ a half a block
lock down half the block
turn that half a block to other half his’ block
then i’ll lock down the other half a block….

[verse 2]
i don’t give a f-ck about the chatter in the background
never put my straps down, n-gg-
this is mack town, n-gg-
ask around, b-tch n-gg- i never was
kept leather gloves and the 38 tar snub
on the real, ya n-gg-z don’t know me
don’t get found in the lake wit’ eight shots like kobe
it’s the gouch, what you talkin’ bout homie?/
i’ll make your bus stop short like gary coleman
“i got more pots and strips then you…” (i make it hot)
“….n-gg-z won’t even sell nicks to you.” (not a rock)/
i spit phrases that’ll thrill you
i got gats wit’ clips wit’ lasers that’ll k!ll you
got myself an uzi brother, nuzi two nines
these thugs gon’ getcha (getcha), slugs gon’ hit cha
“i got more gats and tecs than you…” (i’ll make it hot)
“… n-gg-z won’t even stand next to you” (i tear the rock)
when i clap down, back down your wack friends
for that “cash money,” pull out “mack 10’s”
intro tef, i’m twenty-two (uh)
you dudes ain’t worth it, keep them funny jewels (whoa!)……..

i’m so street like asphault
i spit sh-t like my -ss talk, dog, it’s mack mittens
don’t make me raise up and put my hands on you
??a house sellin raids n-gg-, i’ll put my grams on you??
man, i’m so f-ckin’ deep in the game
got one foot to the street, the other feet to the fame
i’m seesaw, tryin’ to balance sh-t out
until then, i got a six gon’ silence sh-t out
wanna make the transition, from the street to the fame
but i can’t let it weaken my game, man listen
picture mac flippin’ like a transmission
little nickels, wit’ slick fifty’s tryin’ to stick me
knowing one shot from a glock could stop my injured block
so i quickly move, oars like jiffy lube
never-had-it n-gg-s and half the fact that n-gg-s
snortin’-magic n-gg-s or the court rattin’ n-gg-s.