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beaten back to pure – 866 days lyrics


new virtue everyday becomes
kicking the old dog you can’t
teach new sh-t anyway
it’s all same

running with the wolves
hunted by the prey
playing with sh-lls
a shredded shame

god help us all

falling from grace

beaten back to pure

at the end of mating
we saw the mess we had made
had to check ourselves for it’s origin
now fade away

give blood please
2 fingers inside
godless and all wound
my sinking ship is coming in
it don’t mean sh-t at the end of the day
i put my head down and slowly walk away
it’s all over but the dying

in my bed we were not to be forgranted
like the stinging rain which pelts my sh-ll
only to remind us all
we live on borrowed time

i know what i did
and exactly who i f-cked been forced to eat crow
godd-mn i ate enough
i’m tired of walking with my head down the other way

my dreams and life agian in shambles
here’s half the rent/half the lights/and half the phone
i know i owe you more after 866 days