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before i turn – leeches lyrics


a masquerade for my apperception
a binding vigor for my lust
i’ve learned from the life i took, there’s a few sights sadder than a ruined book

everything around you slowly burns

you lead a life, no purpose and no family
the time will come, when vileness is all you see

where is my sanity? shrouded by anxiety?
everything around me is a blur, since i saw you with her
with her alluring stare, something i could never bare
soon i will be laughing when you know, i am the one

the leeches will show no mercy, draining blood form every orifice, every vein
they will drag you down into the depths

fear me now for i am him
cut me deep to watch me bleed external secretions
a deeper wound a darker red than crimson
you’ve always found a way to get inside of me
cut me open to see my true intentions
wretched whore put the widow on the phone
and see tonight, i’ll be inside your f-cking home