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beyoownboss – you hear them bells go! lyrics


( chorus : rick ross. x2 .)
you wanna white christmas?
i’ll sell ya snow!
santa fly by, you hear them bells go!
jingle, jingle, jingle, jingle!

( verse 1 : rick ross.)
i think i’m saint nick , santa clause!
slide down yo’ chimney, into yo’ house
too fat for the chimney, i can’t front bro
so i gotta just go through the front door! grab my sack
and pull out the gifts, head to the kitchen
and head to the fridge! tore up them lunchables
feel bad for yo’ kids , santa got hungry
now look what i did. i’m eatin’ ho…. ho ho
left me milk and cookies , that’s not i want though!
in my red sleigh,be movin’ plenty snow
ho ho ho! tryin’ see the north pole?!
yo’ miss clause will be pissed off!
lip gloss, apple sauce
i got it at ross! i like my salad tossed!
i like bacon, eggs and toast! cuz i’m’a boss!
i’m’a , i’ma boss!

( chorus : young jeezy .)

( verse 2: young jeezy.)
yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! it’s the snow man!
you already know man! shout out to my dog for the yellow ice!
snow man got carrots, that’s right !
they k!llin’ me! throwin’ salt on me!
you want me to die? thought you was my friend!
it’s a cold world, so i ride with the heat
haters hate, but they can get this snow b-lls!

( verse 3: piles.)
i met a shawt bussit baby! her name was linda!
i said ” what’s up baby? what’s yo’ number?”
i said ” i’m santa’s helper , merry christmas!”
she said ” when you gonna call? ” i said ” i’m finna!”
christmas in the month of december, no shirt dawg!
i’m in the winter! out in cold, dawg!
watch me tremble , i eat burned steak dawg
for dinner

( chorus : lil wayne)

( verse 4: lil wayne)
nose brighter than albert einstein, i’m flyer than me , when i’m flying!
i’m number 1, yes, i’m in the lead!
my nose red like the past tense of read. i’m so sharp
like the antlers on my head. and i’m so fly , when i pull santa’s sled
oops i mean sleigh!!! yes, i’m in the game but no i don’t play!
i got alot presents and i can make it rain, dear!
nose light up , make you see when it ain’t clear!
i’m rude off , the red nosed , wayne- deer
so far gone, you know that i ain’t here!
guide the sleigh , while my nose glitter
raindeer followin’ me, twitter
my deers like tweets, i can send them @u
so sick, like achoo!