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b!g juliu$ – the realness (the chain is nice) lyrics


[verse 1]
yo i lose the plot
with these habits i’ve got
i’m bout to get the wave on
like i’m downing a shot
see the rhymes are nice
the chain is nice
i’m lyrically lighting the fuse like dynamite
i’m like a shark attack, they running from this art attack
screaming some ‘orrid sh-t all over the track
the verb -ss-ssinator
never been a greater
force obliterting all the foes in my course

i seen the streets change man
unhinge and rearrange man

so i’m leaving the past
the future is vast
in a city where a generation grows up first
and i’m tired of the school
tired of the club
and acting the fool
bringing cans to the pub
but my minds alive
my pen gets g-ssed to the beat of the street and that is my drive
my rhymes are nice
the chain is nice
i’m shifting bars like kit-kat break ’em off some on the mic
every yout wanna ride my bike
i keep riding out whether its a sunday or a friday night
i move real, keep it hard with the flow
my exterior shrouds my potential to blow
i’m a frustrated sage
my cold words hit the page
i kick rhymes that’ll have ’em getting g-ssed at the rave
i spit lines that -ssault and break the rhythm with rage

[verse 2]
i’m a hardened misfit
loser who didn’t quit
middle finger to the singer who gets famous offa my sh-t
they watchin’ the fb, they have my bars
fbi spying movements from the sky
so i move local
hip-hop global
and when i’m in the club you know i move n0ble
and i miss my past
but life looking back an att-tude that won’t last
i’m surviving it fast
and people forget all the tracks on the charts
but everybody i know gan hate on an artist
whose waiting to blow
starting sh-t up
and they don’t play my favourite sh-t in the clubs

[verse 3]
people trippin’ off hip-hop
then it went pop?
i be listenin’ all day to the realest of mcs who ain’t ever gonna get no play
and the way i rhyme?
progressive rap in my mind
i think they’ll figure it out in good time
see i move between the lines
ain’t n0body gan catch me
i’m too d-mn smart
to get caught in my time
paralysed with fear like i stepped on a mine
people move like water they ride with the tide
so i’m surfin’ the wave and i’m making it mine