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bhebhe – the crowd lyrics


still l.o.n.d.o.n
we can’t roll swear these man ediats
and my brothers like preach
they don’t know me
and i don’t know about them man
i’m not with the crowd
i stay with the loud
bet you hear me now
i’m not with the crowd
i stay with the loud
bet you hear me now

(verse 1)
i’m alive and kicking like what
if i had to choose man i wouldn’t wanna swap
working like a slave like i ain’t made enough
fight for your respect otherwise tough
fruits of your labour she wants your seed
i tell bring it back so she put it on repeat
everyday ting nothing major
says a lot about your taste if you save her
touch down is the plan when we huddle up
they be serving where i’m from really tryna double up
i was really tempted feeling real desperate
know about your patience cuz they wanna test it
see you can’t be getting chiefed on your own sides
and you can’t be getting seen with your hands tied
we ain’t ever had much but we hold pride
see me i ain’t nothing like them other guys

put my foot down you can get your -rs- handed
say it with my chest and i know you stomach it
better keep watch like a neighbourhood bandit
still kicking ball when the neighbourhood banned it


(verse 2)
on a different track cuz i wasn’t in the mix
alone in my thoughts getting comfortable with this
get a gl-ss poured my excuse is i’m shattered
sailing ain’t smooth getting wavey in the manor
i was on jsa, zero hour contract just a rat race
couldn’t question my drive i got that road rage
always had to be the rock we were rock bottom
wrestling my demons and i’m still potting
build it ground up put my mother on a flight
do the most tryna chart i’m a different type
locked in my pad staying locked in my pad
turned 16 then i had to play dad
15 was full of stress
all i know is pill popping and hospital beds
we ain’t grow up in a garden i gotta shed
light on the situation i grew up in

bridge + hook