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bhi bhiman – death song lyrics


[verse 1]
it is your time to go down
and i hope you have found
all the things that you need

[chorus 1]
they call me death as in die
honey, that ain’t no lie
got to harvest the greed

[verse 2]
just take my cold boney hand
and let’s see where you land
but it’s not up to me
you’ve lived a linear path
and you’ve avoided my wrath
but now it’s time, let’s go see

[chorus 2]
i’ve widowed billions of grooms
some go from womb to the tomb
i got to harvest the greed
have you sat down with your god
taken a walk in the clouds?
now that your interest has peaked

but i’m just an average guy
my sickle just scr-ping by
a player tryin’ to get paid

people hate on my style
no judge, no jury, no trial
i’m the primial maid, yeah