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bhs aquilla – like kobe lyrics


eenie, meenie, minie, mo
catch a hater by his toe
if he hollers, let him go, go, (i’m dead)
you know they wanna be me, knock him on his knees
boy you already know i’m on that tv
yeah and you already know me
i’m already shootin like kobe
and you know im going like gin0bli
and you know im from chiraq, so suburban out the question
no i wasn’t born where it was all smith & wesson
but lil boy was talking good, go had to teach homeboy a lesson
i never rest, you can guess, these haters in not pressin
i be in the crib, i be up and out of function
anything to eat, im fat, you know that im munchin
so they snitchin? i ain’t punchin
i ain’t stressin
just gotta show that man im the best anddddd