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bianca bonnie – faith in these brownskins lyrics


i hate a stupid -ss n-gga who say “you pretty for a brown chick”
i’m like “what’s that supposed to mean?”
and then he smile sl1ck
in this world a bunch of ignorant n-ggas
because you brown, light skin supposed to be so superior?
i’m so happy i was raised to love my pretty face
this brown skin, fat -ss, little tiny waist
i heard “all they got is faith in these light skins”
heard you, n-gga brown skin for the win now

they be chatting like “you hating cause you black”
and she pretty cause she light is you stupid, you on crack?
see them b-tches wanna tan and they short on melanin
and i’m brown but i can still take , date , or f-ck her man
so why would i be tripping? i got faith in myself
and every pretty chocolate girl i hope yall all know your worth
because you dark or you light brown
they saying you ain’t right now?
never ever ever let a n-gga put you down
i hate hearing stupid sh-t like “you bad for a black joint”

n-ggas be brown skin so they mother is a black joint
sister, grandmothers , even daughters be a black joint
and now you tripping cause i really got a point?
i mean it’s your preference you can like whoever
and i ain’t hating, cause i know i’m still bad or whateva
and my mother and my sister both light skin, my aunt light
even my bestfriend light skin, alright then

i don’t really got a problem with them light skins
i just know that i’m still poppin’ up in my skin
this that black girl magic that i’m so bad b-tch
that make sure you love yourself cause these n-ggas is average
don’t let him give you a complex be a beautiful savage
in this world where they judge you if you dark you a wack chick
nah, i ain’t feeling that racist sh-t

cause i’m brown and i’m pretty better not say sh-t?
when all them pretty light skin girls on tv quick
and all them other color girls all poppin’ and sh-t? nah
because my hair don’t get curly when i wet it
or i gotta get a perm cause i’m f-cking tender headed
or my skin already glowy on the beach so they staring
cause they really wanna be like us ain’t no comparing
just be happy in your skin baby love yourself
cause if you black and you proud you better know your wealth

all i got is faith in these brown skins
all i got is faith in these brown skins
all i got is faith in these brown skins
all i got is faith in these brown skins