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big jim – genius ideal ideas lyrics


16 bars big jim old soul

its like the game needs me no main controller just an ex comptroller\
not a sk!lled tactician just a rare specimen getting older with this verbal technician\
pippi longstocking meets peppermint patty get at me\
rain falling down i can see the thunder in your eyes cat\
life’s a tall tale but it ain’t fair\
next time im travel to baby set whack rappers i want to get paid i’m an au pair\
as soon as the percussion snaps end of discussion jack\
you was caught up in a web spider-man vs the parent trap\
matter of fact no relapse but i spill m&ms on two mini pendulums facts\
you pigs are all hogs\
the media making generalizations of mankind you his best friend dog\ get it
no wwf but i’m crying cause you need to clean up after your pet alright\
ill cut you out the picture with no circulation go to court the judge verdict was no frustration \
you try to hang but you can’t so your force yourself in like shoes that won’t fit\ ooo
it never happens naturally you just endorse sh-t \
so follow directions to get the path of love humility tranquility and earned perfection\