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big krit – sideline lyrics



i can’t play the sidelines
with all my folk in the stands
giving up just ain’t apart of the plan
i can’t play the sidelines
while they still ‘chea
yea i been down but i’m still here
i can’t play the sidelines
yea i can deal with the pain
cause you ain’t winning ‘less they hollerin’ ya name
i can’t play the sidelines
so put me in coach
i swear to god, that’s all i got to live for

[verse 1]
on my first rep, tryna max out
lifting burdens, being worried ’til i p-ss out
jumping hurdles, running laps just for scr-ps in this rat race
lord knows i’m tired, never step, gotta keep pace
read my playbook, lay my head down
caught a sprain, ice buckets by my bed now
felt a impact like a truck hit me full contact
no pads, lord come get me, i’m down
i can feel it in my soul
this my last chance to shine but they know i’m getting old
hard to move on, my legs ain’t been the same
since i took a fall from greatness
now i knowing when it rains on my homecoming
see my folks, smiling
i’m the goat, but i really need to hold something
one more dime, i’ll be fine, yea i’m the best in my prime
but what about now


[verse 2]
on the second set, got to do this for myself
when the b-lls in my court, can’t depend on no one else
this a long shot, but i trained all my life
broke some bone, cried some tears just so i could get it right
when it’s time, hit the gym trying to win
on the off-season doing what i can, but i’m running out of time
got a partner going through it
cause his bills still due and he ain’t started since the moment that he signed
physical training and all
rehabilitation the cause of shookin’ jivin’, no hard turf
ain’t no complaining at all when they overturnin’ your call
this is life and yes it’s hard work
we out here fighting like dogs in every man backyard
trying to get what was lost reimbursed
just a big [?] on the wall, give it my all ’til they hang up my shirt