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big melancholy - deja vu lyrics


[verse 1: big melancholy]
b+tch i got it on my own, i made a name up out the mud
now i’m only chasing money, i ain’t worried ’bout your scrub
i got a couple k!llers on my line, i’m quick to pick it up
while you flashing h+lla drunk, p+ssy better keep it suck
before i snuff, huh
i wish you run up, slug’s done for sun, so shut the f+ck up
yum, yum, in lungs, i’m rollin’ dumb blunts
huh, yeah, i’m buzzin’, you can’t touch nothin’
huh, yeah, i’m drunk, i’m tryna f+ck something
thug sl+ts give love, but i can’t cuff none ’em
i’m clutch with guns, b+tch, i can’t trust nothin’
i’m f+cking up, i’m at the end, nothing
ayy, i think i had about enough
how the f+ck you call me bro? and then you kick me in my nuts
why the f+ck f+ck you acting tough?
i think it’s time to call your bluff
how you fall up under pressure
’cause i’m a diamond in the rock
you little b+tch
i passed the dutch, call it passing some gas
you acting fake, hard, p+ssy, but i’vе been on your ass
and if we got beef, then i probably started it
your b+tch always wants mе, ’cause she said i go harder than you
you wat the bag of sh+t up, but i’m not talkin’ produce
huh, laughing it up while i pop out and shoot
ayy, i’m on the loose, b+tch, i might make the noose
i got the blade in my booth, i see the blood in deja vu
[verse 2: 99zed]
cruising in that double wide body, spot that pressure
crank that gucci mane, like i was in the kitchen, cooking up
my jaw look like fat joe, you be smoking on that skinny blunt
rep that 804, i’m doing shows, now everybody bug
you ain’t got no safe, ’cause you a rookie
step inside the pan, smacking sh+t, sn+tching cookies, snap a f+cking pic
the way that everybody looking
they gon’ talk a lot behind the floor, but we all know you a p+ssy b+tch
hate to take it back like we was thuggin’ in the 90s
everybody in they momma tryna flex like they behind me, b+tch
all that f+cking talking, but that stepping is unlike me
i’m never losing sleep from all these rappers who don’t like me, b+tch

[verse 3: saliva grey]
houston in that motherf+cking, never seen this coupe
i got b+tches, i ain’t snitching, you ain’t gripping on no tool, you a fool
look at you, stuck it like some glue, i’m so cool, super cool
i might f+ck around and turn me in a pool
like just some blood
gruesome with the flood, cooling with my shooters
i don’t shoot unless you f+cking with my blood
you a scrub, uh, flowing off the mud, uh, cruising off the sub
i might shoot ’em with some food
and disappearing to the bomb
b+tch boy, you just a dumb chick f+cking with the grate
you finna end up in the motherf+cking garbage
the country, so open up your arteries
introduce a motherf+cker to eternal suffering

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