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big one luca g – the whole lot of ’em lyrics


[verse 1]
big one luca g, the south east bruce lee
no adversary on the mic, yeah here’s the proof see
listen with your ears, can you hear it are you serious?
been flowin’ like a river or an ocean since the days
been givin you the substance ever since my mixtapes
no doubt i got the license to go and spit some game
but not fake like most of the rappers out now
“molly percocet, mumble mumble”, hows that sound?
metro shoulda hit the c-nt, let him die right on the ground
yeah take the beat and run, dead in the studio found
next day on the news, future p-ssed, it goes around
that’s the cycle, like of life
i read the bible, i don’t like
so i threw it in the bin, what now i got rights?
but what if rights don’t exist? i couldn’t give a f-ck, aight
nah i couldn’t give a f-ck, i’m sittin’ drunk one night
bloke came over said “oi c-nt” yeah? “lets fight”
i said oi cuz alright, but do you know what’s funny?
at the end of this its gonna cost us both money
he said “yeah and time, f-ck sh-t bruz you’re right”
“the corporations are f-ckin’ us, with the government as their wife”
i said yeah bro you got it, let’s make these c-nts get it
use your words, or a knife, in return we’ll rob ’em blind

i said f-ck the whole lot of ’em
the rich, yeah we’re robbin ’em
i couldn’t give a f-ck, cuff me up, i’m not stoppin’ man
you won’t shut me up, not the media, the government
or another rapper, keep writin’ c-nt good luck with it

[verse 2]
not the first c-nt to make these claims, or the first c-nt with brains
just the first c-nt to say it in this exact way
i might word it elaborate but its all facts mate
what i actually say, is sh-t that’s factually great
what these other rappers say, shut the f-ck up aye
i’m the chieftain, just trying to live day by day
improve my mind, be self sufficient in every way
keep a distance from authority and my own views
so i don’t get stagnant, big one gotta f-ckin’ move
keep my words f-ckin’ dangerous, mind verging on insaneness
why would i immerse myself in fakeness?
people are black and white, yeah theres real and theres fake
grey comes from your eyes, yeah you can’t see straight
f-ck a lyin’ politician, talkin’ out his -ss
come down to the middle cl-ss, old man’ll smash ya with his paint brush
and that’s facts, from the real, to all you fake c-nts
big one i’m the prince, and machiavelli
nah i don’t gotta win, i just have to ready
i constantly think, so you can’t behead me
no half steppin, half way, a hundred or nothing
big one drinkin beer no less than 5% c-nt or nothing