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billy standard – break ya neck lyrics


[intro: billy standard]
its billy standard

[verse 1]
didn’t wanna tell em but
please stop that cheesy shit
when i find it slightly easy b-tch
it’s sick cuz you know that b’s in it
i make mans itch their head, like they got flees in it
this flow is so cold
set off a little bit of breeze in here
and i’m on that new shit
unlike you b-tch
you slacking, lacking
on that old news shit
you snooze b-tch
catching paki’s acting like they knew this
but screw this
i got this f-cking style
i’ve been rocking for a while
murdered, a beat you ain’t heard of
now i’m on trial
but you don’t wanna try me
getting grimey
now you find me
spitting like wiley
i be
finding manz behind me
pen through an eye lid
now you blinded
try me?
yes please
test me?
doubt you will stress me
never mind shit will impress me
yes g
snitches on my hitlist
getting round like b-tches
in need of stiches
itches his head
pictures him dead
the richest have said
more money, more problems
with a clip to his head
hate it or love it
i come right above it
so watch where your led
now it’s time to bun it
my mind on money
while my eyes getting red
that said

its billy standard
hey, hey, hey, yeah

[verse 2]
coming with the meanest
it’s the ‘billy standard procedures’
i feed her some of that weed, yeah
but we smoking on amnesia
so i suggest you take it easy
and i’ve seen many whitey to be fair
but its right, cuz tonight she acting cheeky
and not like she care
so i showed her the ends that i’m from
the mans that are more than loyal
how they have my back, no knife, no gun
it’s what makes this family royal
and before her night get spoilt
i do what she wants
i seduce her, she hot
like this b-tch getting boiled
i move to her spot
and screw till she knocked
out, gotta bounce
boys wanna quarter ounce
she get up and look around
i was like, “i’m sure i heard a mouse,”
she like, “you f-ck me, then ditch me
it’s why us girls get b-tchy!”
i was like, “b-tch please
cuz it comes with this shit, see”
i was like, “i’m the boss b-tch”
on some rick ross shit
she more opposite
thin as kate moss b-tch
haters can’t catch up
on some f-cking nos shit
lately, i go crazy
like i’ve gone and f-cking lost it