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black bobby – be a witness lyrics






[verse 1]
k!ll em off the top with the lyrical fitness

you don’t really get this my business is vicious

if i get her digits she trying be a witness

so i’m bout to flip this with physical fitness

the lyrics is drippin from lyrical pen men

the writin really gorgeous so my business is flipping

mc’s get backed down. cause that’s just a fact now

the facts is so phat now. avoiding them pat downs

the package is so phat cause the fans want some crack now

the wakness is so wack from them cats in the background

you wack what you lack is why black gottta crack down

you flack for a hack why your facts is so wack now

black superhero this is actually a fact now

backpack full of fire this is actually a fact now

black bob got it cracking so run round tell these cats now

ya boy misbehaving over actual crack now

and boy i’m a save em with an actual rap now

and boy i’m a save em with an actual rap now



[verse 2]
back on my business this bob be a witness

ya’ll i really did this the business is biz’ing

blind em with the wave cause the wrist it so glistens

hit ameachi with the tracks cause in business he listens

i’m a ploymath with you with the polygraph lying cat

run and tell them others the brothers about to run it back

b-mping on a track cause my mother think you fronters wack

jumping on a fact hit you fronters with a stunner jack

dropping all this crack its another bring the summer back

giving what you lack i’m a runner was a running back

hit you with some facts that are actually facts bro

eat up all my raps that are actually snacks bro

food for the people i am popping with top men

we ran united leaders then bo got it poppin

i ain’t gonna stop then my raps got you bopping

on my first joint i was actually top ten

now i’m top five guess your boy got it popping

wack little rappers you know bob gonna stop them