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black bobby – #occupyeverything (end the fed) lyrics


[intro: rep. ron paul]
isn’t it wonderful that the const-tution is not complex?
we can read it and most school kids can be able to understand it

my hand on the cross in the land of the lost
i talk to the boss as i’m seeking veritas
i toss up my fist when i’m hollering at goldman
end the fed, break the banks. its an omen
seeking guidance read the papers of the old men
thomas jefferson to woodrow they warned them
we are millions controlled by just a few men
tall towers and takeovers they viewing
so, why don’t we change the view then?
occupy everything. the fight is right where you been
i’m trying to ask: where have you been?
back in ’08 the bailouts was huge then
w. bush transition to obama
keep you occupied while they hunting for osama
fed flood the banks, now watch them drop the dollar
confiscate the dream, you ain’t even get to holler

[interlude: rep. ron paul]
one of the reasons why we’ve lost the republic
it didn’t come all of a sudden, its come slowly and insidiously
the last 100 years has been tough on the republic
but, it started immediately after the const-tution
i mean, the jeffersonians argued with the hamiltonians
and they talked about central banking

and we gone occupy everything
them dreams, them schemes- occupy everything
and we gone occupy everything


we the 99 and they out here trying to carry, ya’
-ss-ssinate our character, fox trying to embarras ya’
money matrimony. well, i’m here to break the marriage up
all they value in paper, i came in here to tear it up
w-ssup, wall street? where our money at?
you done made me come down to your spot where the money at
occupy it all ’till them bankers start to run it back
call your vp tell that sucker: i just want my racks
goldman got a billy but they looking for a trilly to get richer
and, prior to that sh-t they had a delay
bubble- leave the pjs, get a condo- 3 days
put your name on paper, now they got your sh-t on relay
chopping cdos now they got that sh-t on replay
last not least they had put it on ebay
cup runeth over. they working on foreclosure
china taking over. our reign is almost over

[interlude: rep. ron paul]
and why the people are awakening is they know that its an illusion
they know that the prosperity is actually going down
and they’re starting to realize that the prosperity comes from
too much borrowing and too much spending and too much inflation!

and we gone occupy everything
them dreams, them schemes- occupy everything
and we gone occupy everything

[outro: crowd cheering]
end the fed!
[x 21]
[ron paul]
i haven’t even gotten to that part yet!