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black bobby – simple pleasures lyrics



the simple pleasures, baby


[verse 1]
met this pretty young girl at the new spot

she had pretty curly hair. she was too hot

said let me take you round here to the food spot

and maybe later u can show me what u got

i ain’t trying to be forward or too much

but you are too much won’t u let a dude touch

ya inner soul so let’s see how dinner go

maybe we can connect over our mutual inner glow yo

baby girl, take a pull off the wax pen

start relaxing down to satisfaction

i’m ya mcm yeah i’m ya boy too

don’t let them likes from them other girls there annoy you

these the simple pleasures don’t let it complicate

stay with me baby you gone have to concentrate

don’t make me cop a plane just so i can hop the rain

i’ll let u rock the chain like the way u rock ur frame yo

the simple pleasures, baby

[verse 2]
my next jont is going to be a high achiever

and when she say she a bad one i’ll tell her i believe her

we could be a power couple like jay and bey

i’m with the play and play so what you saying bae

or we could be like jim and jeannie gaffigan gaffigan

i bust a rap again just to make you laugh again

so i been practicing waiting on my time to shine

a girl who appreciates. please don’t waste my time it’s mine

and we could blow an l listening to timeless rhymes

such a dime in time i’ll find the way to bind our minds

so this the bottom line let’s enjoy today

head to our place away so we could stay away

conversations all night so i know you’re all right

no need for another we got each other

on my dwayne wayne will u be my whitley?

if i don’t find you girl will you come and get me?


the simple pleasures, baby