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black bobby – stunt hard lyrics


i’m a stunt hard on a bamma
never did i pause, no pose for the camera
i am in action
i am relaxin. ya’ll like the tax man
n0body likes u when u come around “axing”
i drops facts man, ya’ll pull a seat up
i’m miami bron, the city about to heat up
jump like kriss kross. i don’t need chris bosh
never slang dope. i show you how to pitch, boss
i go hard in the paint
i was on they -ss, now they all on my taint
they about the cash why they all about to faint
when i pull up in this jont, spend it all out a brink
i drop a line for the humor
i’m a consumer of too much cleveland, jr
never lied on a track, check ur rumors
king of the living room, i can light the room up

stunt hard. hey

yes, and i’m the f-cking dude
but they don’t seem to see it so i’m getting f-cking rude
i had told you on my first tape, i’m not a first mate
this is like my birthday, i want it in the worst way
and i’m about to blast off
they broke my concentration now i got the cast off
i had come in by myself now i have a whole squad
you need no cable, come and see my entourage
i am the dark knight saving gotham from the jokers
flow is so dope, i’m replacing what u smoking
i’m indica, sativa. are you believers
then get up every day and be a first thing chiefer
see i do it for my religion
mastered my high now i got so much precision
i am walkin on a tightrope on my f-cking mission
trying to toe the f-cking line between subtraction and addition


i’m a show u how to hustle, show u how to russell
russell athletic cuz i’m brining more muscle
russ with the hustle. run for the struggle
now throw your drink up one time if u in love, boo
and i am so bold with it
i’m ten degrees, baby. i am so cold with it
such a dc legend like marvin in his prime
still in miami living on my f-cking grind
but, they don’t want to send it
send the whole check so i be staying independent
i’m an independent rapper that sure knows how to spend it
i’ll be running though some green like i’m mother f-cking emmit
hall of fame game but i am not a cowboy
and i’m impatient. i want it all right now, boy
this is your n-gga black bob
and, i don’t need no cash just send a f-cking black card