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black bobby – talk to the kids lyrics







ayo black. talk to em man yeah

ayo black. talk to em man yeah

[verse 1]
black. talk to the kids

seems they don’t really know what the problem is

they got caught up in the sauce and the bottom biz

maybe they don’t really know how to honor this

they ain’t raised up in them homes where the fathers is

so they act the same when it’s time to father kids

i’m a be a man i’m a raise my seeds well

whether they be little males or little females

and i’m a love they mother tell em she’s swell

tell em stories so they always know the details yoooo

don’t get caught up in the small things

and look forward to the future bove all things

i ain’t worried bout ya foes what did ya’ll bring

and boys try to be a mensch cause that’s a tall thing yup

you ain’t got to be popular

just make sure your efforts really popping bro

black, talk to em man

black, talk to em man yeah

black talk to em man

[verse 2]
peep. you ain’t gotta do the thug thang

and get caught up or get lost in the drug game

peep. put down the codien

and maybe you can make some dollars with some coding

peep. you could try to be a real man

and even share with ur ppl how you feel man

peep. girls help this poor nation

this your time time to get in formation

peep. bless your seeds too

cuz they represent you like they the sequel yo

peep. save your money ya’ll

cuz you don’t your fam looking funny ya’ll

after you gone they gone spread your name far

spread ya game far peeps will know you came far

with a partner riding with you in the same car

maybe ya’ll made a wish upon the same star

black, talk to em man

black, talk to em man yeah

[verse 3]
yup choose your leaders well

whether they be good males or good females

go on google, baby you can find the details

don’t skip how they practicing the retail yup

these the people we gone put in position

so they can’t have a public and a private position

we need people to serve with idealism

and make policies based upon realism

put your land above your party bro every time

and listen to what they say bro every line

we could have a future with good politicians

lie cheat and still is too much tradition

we could be efficient have a system that listens

we ain’t in the 90’s now a death to centrism

this a real rhyme trying to put you on a mission

we ain’t there yet so i guess we keep wishing

black, talk to em man

did i do a good job? did i talk to em?

talk to em man yeah

black, talk to em man yeah

talk to em man