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black bobby – unrequited interlude lyrics


now, a few of you know but i had a major bout with unrequited love before i moved to miami so i was partly heartbroken but eager to move on

aside from the square biz kids and new friends i made either through them or on my own i was lucky enough to have a couple of old friends in miami like adrian and colin who showed me around

and i’d say i met the smartest women i know in boston but i met really smart, really interesting and really pretty women in miami. it was like, walk outside and bam. right in front of you and sometimes i didn’t even have to leave my building or my block. i mean vagabond and grand central were walking distance from my building. it was amazing!

now not all of these encounters ended the way i would have liked. i never had an actual girlfriend in miami and the few that i would have dated seriously let’s just say it was bad timing or maybe something else got in the way, but you know me. your boy got the bounce back so