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black bobby – unrequited lyrics


this is a story about unrequited love. i know it happens to all of us. but, sometimes a particular story just stands out to you and makes you think, remember the good times and wonder what went wrong. usually it’s timing, which was probably the case here but you never know

she was immaculate

she’s what i tried to get

[verse 1]
fresh off the boat like a new kid

meeting new people trying to show them how to do it

it’s funny how you can meet someone and it’s not the right time

even though i heard the nighttime is the right time

we was at white room square biz all day

but in the hallway she moved me in a small way

then it all changed stop thinking bout my old pain

after love unrequited i was left with bold stains

we got to talking i could feel a bond forming

on my prince charming all up on my arm thing

she had a man so i tried to play it cool

before i been a fool emotional affairs in school

want to tell her bout the things i do that her man can’t

he treat you wrong i’ll treat u right understand that

he’s a place holder and i’m ya mr wonderful

ain’t nothing bull bet i keep the loving full

so, she became a part of the team

i like a girl that will help me follow my dream

and be there for me. i need to escape the scene

we would act like we were lovers keep it on the undercover

but she never cheated she was holding down her other

mami ven aqui let me be your big poppi now

i got too close. she told me i had to stop it now

i was being too hot. everyone can tell

that he ain’t your only lover i guess i might have been as well

we remained work friends with a secret

this here is our secret i promise i can keep it

but know it’s wearing on me got me vexed for real

when i see you with your man i want to flex for real

but i played it cool didn’t want to ruin it

even tho in my mind i had never stopped pursuing it

you know i kept it moving kid had my dalliances

but you know this sensless to keep it on the friend tip

i will always remember how me connected over music

even tho unrequited kept me going through it

and even tho it was unrequited i will always have a place in my heart for this woman. she touched me in a special way. and i know it wasn’t the right time. but maybe there will be one in the future. like erykah badu said: i’ll see u next life time