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black child – i can relate lyrics


(black child)
uh huh, uh huh, uh huh
you know me, y’all dont know me?
let me tell you a lil’ something about me
how i came up
where i came from
this is how it all set it off… like this

(black child)
i was the black baby that got opened off a black three-eighty
this black lady, in a black mercedes
pulled out on this black man, in the black land
he used to sell white rocks, and black cops used to riff
white cops ain’t say sh-t, on the day shift they sniffed
i was a little n-gg-, with little n-gg-s that like to steal
then blew up to bigger n-gg-s, that love to kill
rock hilfiger sheilds and vests laced in our ‘getts
a bounce in the bubble bullet proof g.s.
of the ac’ nsx with a mack ten express
or my q-4-5 with two new four-fifths
i’m into cars and guns i keep a gun in my whip
n-gg-, me without my gat is like being in a blue benz
infront’a thousand bloods with mac tens
or a red rose infront’a thousand crips with calico’s
and lord knows, we l-st hoes

(chours: black child)

i dont give a f-ck if you white of black
if you bust your gat, i can relate to that
if you sell c-ke or crack i relate to that
if you do sticks and stacks i can relate to that
i dont give a f-ck if you white of black
if you bust your gat, i can relate to that
if you sell c-ke or crack i relate to that
when its yo’ turn to blow there ain’t no turning back

(black child)
it seem like in anotha lifetime i used to sniff white lines
commit white collar crimes, and hit white dollar dimes
this one white b-tch in the white benz used to f-ck white men
and like to sniff white heroin, i sold china white crack back then
as i was writin this rhyme on white paper with a black pen
i started wonderin how life woulda been
if a n-gg- like me was born with white skin
i wouldn’t have got knocked by the white cops with the white rocks
coming through in the new blue drop
i be able to floss white gold, and toss white hoes
sh-ttin in the white rolls royce
hittin a caucasian chickens that sing with a black girls voice
but i love being black, a thug bustin my mack
i know if i was white i wouldnt like that
or love my gat, or play the clubs where the dubs at
but truthfully you could be blue to me
as long as your cream is green that beautifully
exclusively, its me and irv gotti
and murder i-n-c here to body everybody


(black child)
(a murda’ra) always got a plan
(a b-tch n-gg-) is a poor excuse for a man
playas play to win and learn to listen, and listen to learn
(a lame n-gg-) await his turn to talk
and won’t catch? near jewels? that need to be caught
n-gg-s know sh-t thats difficult is possible
a playa pull out and put ya -ss in the hospital
for thinkin the possible is impossible
this is ghetto gospel, we gotta politic
riot quick, pull out the guns and body sh-t
i don’t give a f-ck who you go and get
its black child motherf-cka, who you f-ckin with?
its murdaaaa