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black cobain – pretty girl rock (freestyle) lyrics


i say oh you a pretty girl, you must be a aka
you got a man, well i guess i gotta pay to play
it’s the [?], this a mutual feeling
i’m tryna eat ya pastries, angela simmons
is this love that i’m feeling, well i must be a marley
hope you ride stick, you can play atari then
lol i just wanna rock a pretty girl
couple shots couple swirls, i need you in my world
i know about ya pump game like a macchiato
knock ya walls down, am i tryna remodel
a n-gg- drinking good like there’s a message in a bottle
i like to gas em up, so i ask her if she a model (yeah)
naomi c, mean [?] game
bet the p-ssy on the bar, dice game
levitate ya confidence, baby you a 10 to me
you can keep ya heart, sh-t i don’t want you into me
my preference is a red bone, i ain’t being picky though
i would take a couple dondrias and some kelly rowl’s
she treat me like ‘ye if they amber rose
my pretty girls rock, i don’t know them hoes
we can get lost in the poconos
and drop the top in the winter, have ya b–bs exposed
i’m playing, unless you wanna do it
they just make a way, i just keep it enthusing