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black countess – seduction and defloration of eleanor lyrics


you are going through a long corridor
p-ssing many closed chambers
leaving behind the laugh and joy of the hall
which are drowning in the silence of night

soon you find yourselves in a splendid bedroom
with a couch covered with a canopy
bathing in beams of moonlight

dizzied by the charms eleanor falls into trance
the countess undresses her and lays down on featherbed
reading spells elizabeth delight
listening to princess’s breath full of unknown unlimited desire

“wonderful child
i see myself in your look
it’s time for your beauty to create a monument of immortality”

soon you’ll be transfered to the surrealistic place
the esoteric sp-ce of revelations
at the crossing of elements

where the endless desert of sand joins the ocean depth
where the wind fans the coals of your secret flame
eleanor – you feel uncommon calmness
resignedly following the great mistress and preceptress

look around
beyond the horizon
infinity of sand is at the left and water at the right
you are walking along the boundary of elements…

…until you reach the lonely standing shining throne
the countess calls you to sit there and become a queen of emptiness

you sit immediately feeling s-xual p-ssion
your legs involuntarily spreads apart
and something ice-cold comes into v-g-n-
you cry and the ocean becomes bl–dy-red…

scream banishes oblivion out of blear mind
eleanor awakes from the nightmare
finding herself again on the same couch
she sees blood on the hands and thighs

“you deflowered yourself and opened the secret door
come inside
taste my blood for impending pleasure
of power, lechery and tyranny”

the princess is in desirous antic-p-tion
elizabeth bares the breast and cuts the skin with her sharp nail
eleanor presses her lips to the bleeding countess
they c-m together