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black countess – the mystery of a witching forest lyrics


walking on the golden fallen leaves
in red blaze of the autumn sun
you clung to false threads of hope
in the kingdom of writhed trees
you disturbed the peace of a dead place
where birds’ songs died down in dry trunks
you came to know the old mystery
the story of two guiltless girls

tongues of flame licked their bodies
to the scorn of exultant crowd
they were f-ggoted on suspicion
of witchcraft and lesbian s-x
and then the forest sheltered their souls
flying, whispering and luring
d-mned haunt of deep melancholy
the cradle of illusive quiet

you joined their tight embrace
which begot a sharp blade
they offered it to you
and you accepted the gift of death

it easily got into the flesh
shedding your warm red blood
on their perfect silk skin
your fell to their feet on the smooth marble