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black countess – through the emerald gates lyrics


through the emerald gates
i enjoyed and exulted
as now i was a part of the performance
i was inside these splendid women
while their toes were in my mouth

and then i met again the eyes of my brunette
she watched me with a pleased smile
but soon she turned and left the penthouse

i was looking at her until an emerald mist obscured my eyes…

i woke up in the light of the setting sun
to the sound of waves breaking on the sh-r-
i came to myself on a desert beach
by the voices of my new girlfriends talking nearby

their perfect bodies were wrapped in latex gowns
their hair was styled into amazing updos
the sl-ts were evidently preparing themselves to
something grand
and waited until i awoke

i rise to my feet
shook off the dust from my black suit
and hurried to my chic companions
for explanation