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black dahlia murder – every rope a noose lyrics


every rope a noose in each knives blade a truth each day greyer than before unwelcome life long
in the tooth colors marred and queer ambitions disappear the walls of shame are closing in you’re fading fast you just can’t breathe anymore can you feel your skin yet turning cold? or rigor
mortis stiffenings it’s a dead life in this cold dead world so sink those rotten teeth right in let the
disease within unfurl wrapped in silence bittersweet a trigger pull salvation: complete each
stifled morn’ the last coin to ferryman p-ssed a tasteless tongue wags from your mouth by plight
of life crushed in its grasp eyes of blind blink not brought forth on earth to rot irreparably
they’ve damaged you an empty sh-ll you just can’t be anymore no one can hear your death knell
ringing cold embrace your own insignificance pale skin feels paper thin weathered by erosive
days raped of all of its innocence unending waves of self-disdain tormented an existence in vain
that weight which bends our spines inherit ancient strife struggling to stay alive as we anxiously
deflate sheer madness fills our veins h-ll beckons with flickering flames from ‘neath headstone
with no name all that’s left to be is dead and free dead and free from this pain dead and cold
frozen stiff